Twenteen is that even possible. (by Amyca Abando)visit :) xx

Twenteen is that even possible.



| Dress: Thrifted Outerwear: Local, varsity jacket Footwear: Local, platform shoes|

A very special day for me. It’s been months since I uploaded an outfit post. Tbh I don’t really dress up fancy everyday, most of the times I just wear shirts, jeans then rubber shoes. When I just had the chance to go out to the mall or anywhere else besides school it’s the only time I wear something really nice (not that I’m saying I dress horrible).

Me and my favorite younger sister (niece) Ten just went to Market Market! then next is SM Aura. We just ate late lunch at KFC and basically did window-shopping. Before we went home she bought 6 sharpie markers for her drawing habits and I got one color and it’s black just to use for sharpie tatts lol yep I’m serious though. Anyways, we definitely had fun and this day was just superb! x

College life

In Q&A:

Where do you study?

At a public university just around the city.

What year are you in?

Senior year (hell yeah! but I’m an irregular student so I still don’t know, ;( *cries in the corner*)

What course are you taking?

First of all my real first choice was Mass Communication since it’s only offered in some private universities which I can’t afford I came up with a second choice BS Psychology and me having the best time of my life *sarcasm* too bad it’s not also offered in the only university I can attend, I know it sucks irl! So basically I ended up enrolling in Office Management then eventually, I shift to my now third choice Business Management.

Why did you have to shift from OM (Office Mngt.) to BM (Bus. Mngt.)?

well, OM was never my choice. It’s basically almost the same with BM but then again if BM is going to be my last choice I’d rather choose it, or else I’m gonna be too lazy to study or too unhappy/uninspired to study and just call it quits, I’m not happy with my first attempt in OM so I decided to stop and shift to BM.

*The reason I tried OM first, it’s because my final grade on my last year of hs was not really pleasing. It didn’t reach the required grade limit for BM incoming freshmens” SO FML lol

What’s the difference between OM and BM?

nothing really, as I said it’s almost basically the same. But then again I only have my third choice in line for this university, I’d rather choose it before I get too lazy to even study anymore.

What’s the difference between HS life and College life?

HUGE difference.

In high school, everything happens and came out to be fun, new friends and seems so easy compared to college. In hs you can do homeworks, projects in last minutes, can even past after the deadline cause probably the teachers will move the due date in college mostly they don’t allow it.

But when in college the parties are more crazier, the over night bonding with friends, the late night birthday celebrations.

For you, what’s so good about college? Why do we need to be a degree holder?

Life is hard, reality sucks. Cause in the real world ordinary people needs to study hard, I’m not saying rich people don’t need to study at all or be a college graduate. I’m saying that reality is, we need to study to be able to gain knowledge to what field in the real world we’ll be able to use the things we learned, to be able to get a job. Not just a part-time job but a nice-stable job.

In reality we’re not gonna end up like those famous people who didn’t get to finish hs, or didn’t get to college. Maybe 20 out of 100 will still be successful even though they’re under-grad etc. But still sometimes we need to do things to be able to help ourselves. We need to be patient and hard-working.

If you have the chance to go back in high school all over again would you? How about college?

HELL YEAH! But In college the fun and parties yeah but the studying part NO F WAY. lol

Something about my college life now in drafts, will post soon. x

Here’s my summer bonding with my friends. We’re just ordinary people having fun, we didn’t do any sorts of extra curricular activities aside from swimming, just an overnight fun with my girls. It’s nice to be together again, we missed each other cause we didn’t get to tag along all the time. So yeah x

Overnight swimming with friends will blog about it soon :) x

Today’s OOTD

Today’s OOTD

This past few weeks I’ve been eating nothing but healthy, but then I decided to casually have cheat days. Also been doing some cardio work out. Less talk more actions. *crossing my fingers*

Official fan

I know it’s late, but I just saw Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movie recently and now, I finally understand all those fan girls. Summer is movie marathon for me. lol Also I’ve been in love with American Horror Story lately, just started watching season 1. It’s weird, thrilling and weird. I love weird, it’s fun, confusing and different. *redundant ik lol*

Today’s dinner 👍💛🍋

Today’s dinner 👍💛🍋